Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Tree Stockdog Trial

July 1 & 2, 2009 Brooks, Alberta: Ian and Jo Ann Zoerb hosted this trial to help with the complaints that, "There aren't enough trials in Alberta for us to qualify for the finals". Many thanks to them for doing it. It was a no frills trial with cheap entries, but still a little payback. It was well attended thanks to the dates - right in front of the Hilltop Trial and the Calgary Stampede and had 44 dogs in open each day. It was a tricky field with a dip parallel and just high of the crossdrive line that caused the fetch to be out of sight for a good 10 seconds plus. Randy Dye did the judging honors on the first day and Ian took over on the second. Once again, I'm sorry for the lack of photos (I took some, really I did but they were erased) but I will be back at this trial at the end of July and I will get some photos of the course then.
It's been so long since the trial, you will have to forgive my memory and I just have notes. I am working on a way to use my lap top in Canada - right now it is only set up to use in the US and when I am in Canada, I have to wait until I get back to my home computer to do updates - I know, excuses and no pictures, what's next?
On day one, Lad was 9th up. Scott had told me to give him a redirect on his outrun if he entered the coolie too straight. He ignored my whistle and when he came out of the dip, he was in danger of crossing over. Fortunately, he took my stop whistle immediately and bent out on the redirect to get behind the sheep correctly. He had a nice fetch and had no problems with the out of sight time. He did have a bad leader sheep and it gave us trouble on the crossdrive which was just on the edge of the dip. He worked his butt off keeping her in line but she was one of those that will keep you from winning. Lad himself helped us not win by not coming in on the shed when I first called him (the sheep wrapped around me and he's not one to save you). We timed out on the pen and ended up with a horrible 56.
Scott ran Drift next and had a really nice run with a final score of 83. I can't remember exact details but my notes say "Good run" He ended up 5th overall.
I know I'm awful but my notes on Maid say the same thing. Her score was a 91 and she finished in third place.
Roo was back to his old tricks and crossed over at the top so Scott used the opportunity to remind him that he wasn't tied to the post and ran down the field to emphasise the fact.
Hemp's outrun and lift were his usual success but the trouble I'd been having on the down was still plaguing us. He had no trouble being out of sight on the fetch, and he did manage to get a 75 which was good for 9th place and a half of a USBCHA point.
There were 19 dogs in the nursery class and they had 3 days of nursery.
Scott and Sleat battled on the outrun all three days but she was driving with alot more power. Don looked good every time he went to the post and took home a 3rd, and two firsts.
The second day of Open Maid had the difficult sheep. (we all have to take our turns) She actually handled them really well but took out her frustration when she goosed them on the third leg of the drive and was pointed for it. Her shed looked really nice and her final score was a 72.
Hemp was better the second day and although he scored only a little higher at a 78 - it helped him land a 6th place which gave him a few more points. He's up to 9 points now and I don't think it will be enough yet to get him into the national finals. He has two more times to the post at the end of July - so hopefully that will give him the remaining points he needs. He has, however, now qualified for the Canadian and Western Canadian Championships.
Roo's second run was considerably better. He needed some redirects on the outrun but then showed how good he could be around the course and how sheep really like him if he'd just settle down. His final score was a 76 which was good enough for 8th place.
Lad didn't need any help on his second outrun but did pull up a little short. Since I had sent him to the left (the right had a big pile of dirt that I decided would be better to avoid) and the sheep were pulling to the right it caused his lift to be off and he continued off line into the coolie and out of it. We fixed the line after that and he had a decent drive and a good shed. The sheep went once around the pen but then we got them in. His final score was a 79 and he pulled off a 5th place.
Drift had a good run around the course, perhaps even the winning run despite missing the drive panel just short on the turn but when he came in on the shed, he held the sheep but faded back. The judge didn't call it and when Scott went to reshed, he gripped and was called off.

Open Day One: (44 dogs)
1. Ian Zoerb and Peg
2. George Stambulic and Kate
3. Scott Glen and Maid
4. Bob Stephens and RMS Pat
5. Scott Glen and Drift
6. George Stambulic and Gyp
7., 8. Danae Frew and Pace
Pam Boring and Mirk (tie not broken)
9. Jennifer Glen and Hemp
10. Ian Zoerb and Sam

Open Day Two: (43 dogs)
1. Jo Ann Zoerb and Bryn
2. Norm Sommer and Jed
3. George Stambulic and Kate
4. Wendy Schmaltz and Fly
5. Jennifer Glen and Lad
6. Jennifer Glen and Hemp
7. Carol Nelson and Jess
8. Scott Glen and Roo
9. Randy Dye and Sweep
10. Thad Buckler and Cora

Nursery Day One: (19 dogs)
1. Danae Frew and Ross
2. Pam Boring and Ben
3. Scott Glen and Don
4. Jo Ann Zoerb and Soot

Nursery Day Two:
1. Scott Glen and Don
2. Ian Zoerb and Lexi
3. Norm Sommer and Tic
4. Jo Ann Zoerb and Soot

Nursery Day Three:
1. Scott Glen and Don
2. Ian Zoerb and Lexi
3. Norm Sommer and Tic
4. Ken Price and Bud

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