Saturday, February 14, 2009

Delta Bluez Roo

Delta Bluez Roo
Diane Pagel's Roo is Scott's alternate Open dog. Last year was Roo's first year in open and although he has a nice way with sheep, he spent most of the past season trying to upset them. That was why Diane sent him to Scott. She was hoping he could fix Roo's outrun. She had done a good job with him but at the larger distances, he would decide to cause trouble with the sheep instead of bringing them quietly. This year it seems to be under control (knock on wood) and he appears to be challenging Drift for Scott's second open trial dog spot.

Roo is a son of Scott's Pleat and Diane's Tess.

Roo and mother Tess
Tess is Diane's foundation bitch but did not have papers. However, she was one of the first few dogs to be registered under the American Border Collie Association's Register on Merit program. She had to prove herself to get her papers and in 2001 she showed everyone she was worth registering when Scott handled her to 6th place at the USBCHA nursery finals.
Diane sold Roo as a youngster to Ron Green who trained him for cattle. When Diane saw that he had grown up to be such a nice dog she and Ron agreed on a co-ownership where Diane would get him ready for sheep trials. With this team of owners, in 2005 Roo was one of the few dogs to qualify for both the sheep and cattle nursery finals.

Roo trialing on cattle
Roo has been living here at Alta-Pete Farm for a year now and will be running in all the trials that allow a handler to run 3 dogs. He'll have plenty of opportunities to show up Maid and Drift and if he does, you'll be seeing alot more of him.

Roo at Alta-Pete Farm


manymuddypaws said...

he's very handsome!

Monique said...

I have had the pleasure of working Roo a number of times, and wish Scott and Roo the best of luck this trial season! He is quite capable when he keeps his head together ;)

Richard said...

Beautiful dog, Roo... and multi-talented, thanks to the apt training and handling of trial handler extrordinaire, Scott Glen. I hope to see him work in an open trial or two this year.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Roo is a wonderful dog and he will shine under Scott. Scott has trained three generations of these lines. All have done exceptionally well.

Way to go, Scott and Jen.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Jen, your pixs are capture the essence of the working dogs!!

Amisi said...

This is my dog's sire. Lovely pictures to see where he got it from! He trials well considering the (minimal) amount of training he's had. Kind of interesting that I brought him back to Alberta where all his heritage is.